PRIMERA DIVERSIÓN transforms Latin American salsa and Latin jazz music into the compact and energetic sound of a 16 piece band.
The line-up brings together international musicians: 8 wind players, 6 rhythm players and 2 solist singers. The arrangements, especially written for this ensemble, are really good to dance to and at the same time unconventional and demanding.

PRIMERA DIVERSIÓN leads the audience unerringly  into the mood of an exuberant caribbean “rumba”. The Band combines the caribbean Latin sound with the punchy sound body of a big band. That way it reaches a huge range of target groups including salsa,  jazz and big band-lovers. Sweeping dance acts and show elements will convince the remaining sceptics.

What is Salsa?

Salsa is more than a dance – it’s a tropical attitude, love of live and music that more and more Hamburgers have experienced since the 90s. Regardless of whether you want to learn the basic steps as a beginner or want to improve your technique as an advanced student, for each day in the week there are salsa classes, workshops and parties. In addition, special events are offerded like salsa- boats on the river Elbe, dancing on-the-beach, right up to  salsa trips to Cuba (including dance lessons). Currently these are booming, because many  people want to get to know the original  Cuba before it will be overrun by Coca Cola, McDonalds and their ilk.

The basic steps of salsa may easily be learned in a free taster course – our tip:

Go to the nearest salsa dance course and check it out!

The history of salsa begins in 19. century with the „son“ which spreads from Eastern Cuba via the capital Havanna to New York, is commercialized in the 70s as “salsa” and returns to the Latin American  countries. After a period of simplification as „salsa romántica“ the original salsa becomes known in Europe in the year 1999 in particular through the Wim Wenders movie and CD „Buena Vista Social Club“. Since, salsa has evolved in several directions and has entered into fusions with other music genres and dance styles (mostly jazz, funk, hip hop, aerobic-elements).

The „cool“ Hamburgers are enthusiastic: The Latin American Dance salsa becomes more and more popular!

While the number of salsa fans in Hamburg in the year 2000 was estimated at five hundred people, the “cool“ Hamburg has turned into a stronghold of the salsa scene in Germany, where (as expected in a large town) several subscenes  compete and merge. In the Hanseatic city you can find dozens of salsa dance schools and just as many salsa clubs! They offer mostly Salsa Cubana, but also variants like “rueda de casino”, New York and L.A. style, Kizomba and Zouk can be found. Salsa – that’s compensation for the daily grind which boosts fitness and good mood, slightly addictive!

Tanzperformance of the dance class “EL CHÉVERE” at PRIMERA DIVERSIÓN’s open air performance